Right in the heart of the town
Just right for popping down to the shops.
Fantastic place and what makes it even better is that it is not part of some big international chain but locally owned and run. The beach is only a few hundred paces away and a little longer via the ice-cream parlour!
Homely Accommodation
Cosy, Quaint and Comfy
Experience & Indulge
We really want you to have a blissful, dream holiday.
Welcome Drink
Tea or coffee with milk in the fridge.. wonderful!
Patio with BBQ
Fuel is provided, all you need is the food.
Build your strength up for tomorrow... it'll be another super day!
Car Parking
parking space for two family cars
Local Bars and Restaurants
You don't have to cook every night!
Secure Bike Storage
If you're on a cycling holiday, our secure storage can help put your mind at ease.
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